Bistro 68

Launching Soon.

Bistro 68

Beauty can be found everywhere we look, you simply have to open your mind up to letting it in. Bistro 68 is committed to finding the beauty in every dish we create - from our burgers and steaks to the fresh, seasonal vegetables we use.


Bistro 68 features a menu of fresh, flavorful ingredients that change by season, and many of which are grown in the restaurant's own organic raised-bed garden. And of course, the beautiful garden is open to all diners.
  • Food
    Our dishes range from the food we loved growing up, to outlandish takes on classics.  Everything we prepare is crafted into an exquisite and delightful experience far from most mothers’ kitchen tables.
  • Mixology
     A full bar complements the food with fresh, seasonal cocktails - fresh raspberries and mint will be muddled for signature drinks that have been harvested just steps away and only minutes before they are served.
  • Atmosphere 
    A contemporary wine country farmhouse, porch and garden. This unique restaurant is dictated by its garden, which will supply the kitchen with seasonal ingredients on a daily basis.


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